We offer a comprehensive range of haematology instruments which includes a state-of-the-art 3 part Differential Haematology Analyzer, 5 part Differential Analyzer and have recently launched an automated ESR analyser. Xcyte Plus is a fully automated haematology analyzer manufactured in India by CPC Medical System under technical collaboration with AL-SYSTEME, Germany, stands tall in the crowd with its unique features. Our haematology portfolio also includes a complete range of haematology reagents.   1) Haematology Instruments   2) Haematology Reagents know more at: #BioChemistryInstruments #BioChemistryReagents #CellCounter #5PartHematologyAnalyzer #ElectrolyteAnalyzer #FullyAutomatedAnalyzer # BiochemistryAnalyzer #ClinicalChemistryAnalyzer #ClinicalChemistryInstruments #ClinicalChemistryReagents   #Hematology #HaematologyReagents #HaematologyInstruments #Immunodiagnostics #ImmunodiagnosticsInstruments #ImmunodiagnosticsReagents

Clinical Chemistry

  CPC offers an entire spectrum of clinical chemistry instruments which will meet the requirements of all laboratories, very large to small. CPC has over 6000+ installations in South India.   High throughput chemistry analyser – TurboChem 240,Biolis 50i.   Medium throughput chemistry analyser – TurboChem 100 and TurboChem Prime.   Semi auto analyzers – Statfax3000 plus & Statfax3300.   ELISA readers and washers – Statfax series. As an early entrant in this segment, CPC has set an example for excellent after-sales service and application support. These instruments are ably supported by a wide spectrum of substrate, enzyme, minerals and special protein assays. know more at:

CPC Diagnostics

  About CPC Diagnostics   CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated provider of products and services to the in-vitro Diagnostics industry in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh. The experience and expertise that we have gained since we began in 1987 have made us a respected and trusted organization. We derive our strength through enduring relationships with customers, based on our commitment to deliver valuable products and timely end-user support. CPC’s logo represents the five elements that combine to provide life. It is an expression of our desire to grow our business on sustainable values, contributing to the well being of our customers, suppliers, distributor partners and employees. The success of CPC Diagnostics owes a lot to its dynamic team of management, staff and advisers who together have worked to provide their customers with outstanding support be it Products, Post-Sales Service or Guidance. CPC collaborated with AL SYSTEME and is today successfully manufacturing 3 part Haem